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3DScanBat offers architects, planners and property managers tailor-made solutions for quickly, easily and accurately recreating the interior and exterior spaces of existing buildings or new constructions, by creating a digital twin.

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Our solutions for digitising a building or site

Lasergrammetry (laser scanning) is our solution for surveying complex and/or large-scale structures such as façades or outdoor landscaping.

It delivers highly accurate results in record time.

Photogrammetry can be used to measure the interior spaces of a small or medium-sized building (e.g. house, villa, flat).

It offers fast results at an attractive price.

3D scanning, deliverables tailored to each situation

Do you need a solid basis for checking and implementing a preliminary architectural project?

Are you looking for reliable plans and sections to help you plan your renovation or conversion work?

Do you dream of a simple, intuitive system for monitoring building sites or managing your property portfolio?

3DScanBat offers customised digitisation solutions for restoring the interior and exterior spaces of existing buildings or new constructions. It creates a digital twin using photogrammetry and lasergrammetry. 

These solutions are aimed primarily at architects, public authorities, general contractors, insurance companies, real estate agencies, as well as for the management of industrial parks and large infrastructures.

Get reliable plans for an existing building

Edit floor plans and manage your buildings remotely

Keep track of important stages in the construction process

Maintain precise knowledge of your infrastructure

Simplify claims management and prevent fraud

Improve the customer experience and edit floor plans

Information model on the construction of the steel

3D File Formats in Engineering and CAD

There are countless 3D engineering and CAD file formats. Check compatibility before ordering, and ask for a test file.

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3DScanBat offers customised digitisation solutions at the best value for money to create the digital twin of a construction or renovation project.